Lee Duffy: Too Far, Too Soon

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  • 2020
  • 1h 38m
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Lee Duffy was one of the most feared men in the North East of England until his reign of terror came to a brutal end. Lee's motto in life was to "live by the sword and die by the sword", something that inevitably came true on August 25th 1991, at 3.55am. The name Lee Duffy is firmly embedded in Teesside gangland folklore and to this day, his name still carries the impact that it did all those years ago when he was walking the streets. This new documentary brings you into the world of Lee Duffy and is told by the people who knew him most including associates, friends, enemies, the police, a double life prisoner and a true crime author.




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Lee Duffy: Too Far, Too Soon

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Lee Duffy: Too Far, Too Soon
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